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Tori Cerrina

I'm Tori Cerrina and I'm a Graphic & Web Designer. I grew up in a very small country town and love the outdoors, adventures, and continuing to learn and grow with every opportunity.

My whole life I've worked as an executive designer assistant to CEOs. I've done everything from graphic design to funnel builds! My 10+ years as an design assistant in the corporate world taught me so much about business operations. As a Graphic & Web Designer, I focus on growing your businesses through design!


My Drive

I’ve always valued the entrepreneur—the individual with the ability to persevere and strive for an ideal lifestyle and perfect business. I firmly believe that no two people or businesses are the same. Focus on what’s most important about your business, family, and life and I’ll take care of the design.

4 Facts About Me

1. My Favorite color is black (though I know it's not technically a color), but if I had to pick an actual color i'd choose red!

2. My biggest dream in life is to live in the middle of the woods on a large parcel of land completely off the grid!

3. Winter is my favorite season. (I know, I know, but hear me out!) The sound of a snowstorm is the most beautiful thing in the world!

4. Nutella is the BEST thing invented!

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What my clients are

"Tori completely overhauled my branding before I launched my freelance business. There were so many visual components I'd never considered without hiring a professional graphic designer as accomplished and creative as Tori. Her eye for design and extreme attention to detail brought my branding and portfolio to a level I would not have achieved otherwise. I highly recommend working with her for your graphic design needs–it's a complete game-changer for your business! You may initially think you can piecemeal your branding as I did, but I can assure you that looking at the contrast between my branding before and after working with Tori was a world of difference."
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